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Before / after steam cleaning.

A selection of photos, sent by our clients, that illustrate the power of Dupray’s steam cleaners.

This client was tired of cooking on a dirty, greasy grill. He pulled out his steam cleaner and steamed away every inch of grease, grim, fat deposits, burnt food and whatever else got caught in the grill.
When we come across stains, we don’t ask what it is. We just steam it out. In this case, there were unknown substances ingrained in that car seat and the steam cleaner took them all away.
After an extremely muddy spring, one of our client couldn’t handle his Subaru looking like this. With his Dupray steam cleaner and a good vacuum at his disposal, he restored his entire car interior within about an hour.
It’s hard to think that somebody had to put their hands on that steering wheel every time they drove.
This car door was opened thousands of times, attracting all sorts of dirt and grim. A Dupray steam cleaner finally managed to remove the massive amounts of dirt.
In a family with four kids, there is a tendency for white upholstery to become far less ‘white’. Chemical cleaning products are never the solution, especially with kids around. Our client let her Dupray steam cleaner do the job for her.
A client sent us this picture to show the contrast between what tiles were cleaned and which ones weren’t. It’s pretty easy to tell where the steam cleaner was used.

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