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2023-11-27 Dupray
Dupray steam iron station buyer’s guide.

Dupray steam iron station buyer’s guide.

All the facts on steam ironing stations.

Steam ironing stations are incredible tools. This buyer’s guide is full of interesting facts and features that every consumer should consider and look for. When it comes to effectiveness, steam ironing stations are a far superior alternative to conventional irons. With a built-in boiler and independent water tank, they produce twice the steam of a regular iron and they do it in half the time. All this translates to greater efficiency and professional results. A steam ironing stations is the best tool you can own for preserving the look of your clothing, especially if you have big closets.

Steam ironing stations have been common household items in Europe for years. With so many advantages, their popularity is now on the rise in North America. The superheated steam works deep into the fibers of a variety of materials to soften and moisturize at the same time. It is without a doubt, the best product for removing wrinkles and creases from your clothing.

The SteamIron Plus™ offers total versatility. Capable of removing wrinkles and creases from a wide range of fabric, the adjustable heat and pressure make it powerful enough for heavy materials like leather and denim, yet gentle enough for the heat sensitive ones such as silk and cotton-synthetics. Simply put, the SteamIron Plus™ delivers professional results right in your own laundry room.

A solid stainless steel water tank.

The Dupray SteamIron Plus™ features an independent stainless steel 1.22 L water tank. A boiler inside the tank creates superheated steam, reaching maximum temperature in just 10 minutes. Only the highest quality stainless steel available for boilers is used to ensure superior strength and dependability. The SteamIron Plus™ is compact and lightweight. The handheld iron itself is only 3.1 lbs. This is because with a steam ironing station, the steam does all the work, relying on heat instead of weight to produce professional results. Our stainless steel tank and boiler makes ironing easier than ever.

A long-lasting anti-scale boiler system.

One of the most important things to look for in a steam ironing station is an anti-scale boiler system. They are the best way to ensure the longevity of your product, especially when using un-distilled water. The SteamIron Plus™ comes fully equipped with a high quality, anti-scale boiler that keeps things clean automatically. You’ll never have to worry about mineral deposits forming on the heating elements, which will help them last longer.

Find the perfect temperature for every fabric.

Producing steam temperatures of up to 160ºC / 320ºF both light and heavy fabrics can be pressed out in one smooth movement. These intuitive controls can be found right at your fingertips to make adjusting your temperature easier than ever.

Adjustable steam pressure control.

The Dupray SteamIron Plus™ is the ideal tool to handle a variety of ironing tasks. Variable steam controls offer easily adjust output levels to your outfit, allowing you to change the steam pressure according to your needs. This way you’ll always get the perfect steam temperature for all your fabrics, making it safer. It is extremely effective for moisturizing and softening drapes and bed sheets because of the powerful 3.5 bar / 51 psi jets of steam they produce. The Dupray SteamIron Plus™ is made with stainless steel powered by a 1150 W boiler.

Quality built ironing stations last longer.

The Dupray SteamIron Plus™ is manufactured and hand assembled in Europe to ensure quality you can trust. Never purchase a machine with an aluminum boiler, as it will certainly not last. The boiler is built with the highest quality stainless steel. The outside casing of all Dupray steam cleaners is either enamel coated steel or fully stainless steel, this is a true sign of quality that you can see and touch.

Choose a steam iron station back by a solid warranty service.

The SteamIron Plus™ is made to last for many years of intensive use. Dupray is so confident in the indestructible stainless steel boiler that they are backed by a lifetime warranty. Plus it also includes 1 year on labour and 3 years on parts. The best in the industry!

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