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How to Clean Grout with a Steam Cleaner
2024-02-21 Dupray
How to Clean Grout with a Steam Cleaner

How to Clean Grout with a Steam Cleaner

Ceramic tiles and grout tend to get dirty very quickly and are one of the most challenging cleaning tasks. The build up of dirt, grease and grime in the grout are very unpleasant to look at because of the drastic color change that alter radically the apperance of your floors and walls. The way most people accomplish this hard task is with small brushes and lots of harsh cleaning chemicals. Some of these harsh chemicals will discolor the grout or will erode sections of it. Sealing the grout will only work if it is currently perfectly clean, unless you want it to look dirty permanently. We don’t have to explain to you why this task traditionally makes a mess and takes a lot of time to accomplish. Here we will show you how to clean grout 80% faster and obtain exceptional results by using a powerful commercial steam cleaner from Dupray. A good quality dry vapor steam cleaner is definitely the most efficient, mess-free, and environmentally friendly way to quickly restore any grout to its original color. The high heat, low moisture and gentle pressure from the steam actually forces the dirt out of the grout and brings it to the surface where it is easily wiped away or extracted. When using a steam vacuum cleaner such as the Dupray ONE or the ONE Plus the extraction feature is built in. Steam cleaning grout also means no need be on your knees scrubbing the floor. Using the 2 extensions tubes, the operator can work in a standing position on floors or even ceilings. You can also use the grout cleaning lance directly on your steam hose to work on walls with more efficiency.


1. First you will need your steam cleaner, the steam hose, the 2 extension tubes, the lance (the steam nozzle) and a detail nylon or brass brush, depending on the strength of your grout (always test first).
2. Connect these parts together and place the detail brush on the steam lance.
3. Select steam pressure at low or medium setting.
4. Place the lance directly over the grout and pass at a steady pace in a forward direction, not sideways.
5. Finally, all you have to do is wipe the excess moisture and dirt that was released from the grout with either a towel or a mop.

Not only you will completely restore the grout, but your steam cleaner can also clean the whole floor or wall at the same time. No need to wear a mask, gloves or spend money on harmful cleaning chemicals. With the right machine, you will save a lot of time, money and back aches. Steam cleaners are particularly good for certain areas that are difficult to reach, such as the grout at the base of toilets or in showers, where moisture can cause stains. Another is grout around pet beds or litter boxes. Entrance ways and side doors also tend to need extra grout cleaning. The grout around kitchen equipment, where the mop has pushed a collection of dirty, greasy water over the years is another awesome spot to clean with your high-quality Dupray steam cleaner. Remember, there are some rare exceptions where steam cleaners are not the solution. First, if the grout is sealed, steam won’t get the dirt out from under the seal. Second, very old, broken grout, where you can see holes and cracks shouldn’t be steam cleaned. Grout erosion is usually the result of a chemical reaction from the acidic cleaning agent that used previously. In those cases the grout should be replaced.

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