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Professional Bedbugs Steam Cleaners
2024-02-14 Dupray
Professional Bedbugs Steam Cleaners

Professional Bedbugs Steam Cleaners

Bed bugs massive comeback in North American cities are forcing pest control professionals to change the way they eradicate these rigorous insects. Dupray, specialized in the world’s most advanced steam cleaners just released a line of vapor bed bug steamers, designed to instantly kill and eradicate bed bugs and their eggs using up to 160ºC superheated dry steam. These world’s best steam cleaners are part of the government recommended way to treat and get rid of bed bug infestations, not only because they are safe and efficient, but because they offer the only natural way to kill bed bugs at any stage of their development. «Pesticides have their limitations and we often need to apply several treatments over a few months, costing the owner thousands of dollars.», says Karl J., a bed bug extermination expert based in NYC. «They are only good for certain areas of the residence and they are not recommended around children’s bedrooms». Pesticides commonly used in the industry are extremely strong chemicals and are inefficient in getting rid of bed bugs eggs. Steam on the other way, will kill bed bugs and get rid of bedbug eggs on contact when temperatures reach lethal point of 60ºC. Dupray’s highly portable bed bug steam cleaners offer superior disinfection and cleaning capabilities, along with the highest steam temperature and pressure levels of the industry. Precise adjustable pressure knobs allow the user to steam clean without blowing the insects away. Dupray’s continuous use steam cleaners are recommended for professional pest control agencies for non-stop work, allowing for bedbug extermination 24/7. Dry vapor steam is essential to achieve good results and avoid mold problems, especially when treating mattresses and getting rid of bedbugs from other slow-drying materials. You should always aim for a dry steam cleaner that produces steam with around 5% water content. The quality of the machine you get is also fundamental. Commercial-grade bedbug steamers are always much more efficient because the vapor they produce reaches higher temperatures.

Best Steam Cleaners Getting Rid of Bedbugs

Dupray’s ONE Plus™ Steam Cleaner is currently the most powerful portable bed bug remover on the market. It is recommended for professionals or heavy bed bugs infestations. Smaller operations or residential users can go with either the HOME™ or the ONE™ steam cleaner, both high-quality units designed to quickly kill bed bugs and rid bedbugs the natural way. For more information about Dupray’s commercial and residential steam cleaners for bed bug removal, bed bug extermination or other pest control with steam, please contact Dupray by email of toll-free at {{config path="general/store_information/phone"}}.

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