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Sleep soundly: Better air for your little one’s bedroom.
2024-02-14 Dupray
Sleep soundly: Better air for your little one’s bedroom.

Sleep soundly: Better air for your little one’s bedroom.

With an alarming increase in respiratory illnesses among young children, it makes sense that parents are looking for new ways to safeguard their children and give them the best possible chance of avoiding infection. In addition to the risks of serious illness, many young children also suffer from severe allergies to particles that are floating in the air they breathe indoors. 

Goodbye dust, bacteria & allergens.

Putting an air purifier in your child’s bedroom is a first step to ensuring they breathe cleaner, healthier air at home. A quality home air purifier can remove airborne particles that are so small they are imperceptible. Dust, bacteria, viruses, mould and allergens can be eliminated from the air your child breathes every day by using a home air purifier with medical-grade air filtration. 

Bloom™ is one of the best home air purifiers for dust, mould and allergies. Featuring an advanced 3-stage filtration system, it eliminates 99.97% of airborne particles as small as 0.1 micron in size. When set to AutoDetect™, the infrared particle sensor detects air pollutants and the air purifier fan  automatically adjusts accordingly. So, you can rest assured your child will be breathing cleaner, healthier air at all times. 

Clean air feels good.

Breathing better air at home can enhance your child’s sleep quality and can also improve their lung development. Like adults, children benefit from exposure to cleaner air in many ways. Not only does it make it easier for your child to breathe when fewer air pollutants are present, but their improved breathing can support immune health and mood stability as well. 

In addition to reliable performance, Bloom™ Air Purifier also offers an aesthetically pleasing design. Your child won’t have to live with a bulky machine in the corner of their bedroom. Whether you use it as a planter or a side table, with the coloured pre-filter of your choice, Bloom™ adds a decorative touch to any room in your home. 



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