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The Advantages of the Dupray SteamMop™
2024-02-21 Dupray
The Advantages of the Dupray SteamMop™

The Advantages of the Dupray SteamMop™

If you are looking for an accessory that will provide extremely good results in both residential and commercial settings, the Dupray Steam Mop is definitely the right solution for you. Whether you want to clean floors, walls, or ceilings, you will be amazed by how well the Tecnovap steam mop will work. The comparison between the Tecnovap Mop and a regular mop is clear: our mop leaves the treated floors cleaner and drier, all with significant less effort. Dupray Steam Mops are equipped with two different lengths hoses, a 360° pivoting joint, and an extensible handle, all to offer you the most ergonomic and practical floor cleaning devise possible. Quick and easy to use, the Dupray steam mop will provide you with the ability to degrease and disinfect any floor surfaces. The high temperatures of steam will blast away any bacteria, giving you a completely disinfected surface, free of any germs, dust mites and allergens. The Dupray steam mop is able to clean, disinfect, deodorize, and remove all allergens in one single pass and without using any harsh chemicals. It is clearly the most efficient and ecological floor cleaning method available. This high level of cleanliness can be reached thanks to continuous production of steam coming from a tank full of fresh water. This way, the user does not have to worry about reusing dirty water in the steam production. Because the machine does not reuse dirty water, there is absolutely no chance that some residues will end up trapped in the grout. The steam opens the pores of the treated surface and instantly dissolves grease, dirt, and mildew, you will not need to scrub back and forth in order to clean your floor effectively. The advantages of using a steam mop instead of a regular mop include not only a much higher level of cleanliness, but also a cleaning time reduced by half, and a drastic cut in reoccurring costs. The Mop does not require the use of any chemicals, which normally represents a large portion of floor maintenance costs.

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