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Steam generator irons. The better wrinkle removers.
2024-02-14 Dupray
Steam generator irons. The better wrinkle removers.

Steam generator irons. The better wrinkle removers.

Although steam ironing stations are more effective and efficient, they tend to be more popular in Europe than here in North America. Fortunately, people are beginning to understand the advantages of these powerful steam producers. With popularity on the rise, more and more are making their way into our homes.

Not all models are the same, some take longer to heat up than others. The Dupray SteamIron™ however, reaches maximum heat relatively quickly, in just 10 minutes. Once maximum temperatures are reached, the ironing goes much faster. Producing twice the steam of their conventional counterparts and in half the time, steam ironing stations make it possible to breeze through piles of laundry, offering consistent, heavy steam production. Some models like the Dupray SteamIron Plus™ offer up to two hours or ironing time.

Many ironing stations are bulky, while the SteamIron™ is compact and lightweight. The handheld iron is actually lighter than most conventional irons with a longer and more durable cord. The independent water tank rest conveniently out of the way on the edge of ironing boards or on the floor below, delivering steady streams of powerful steam to soften and moisturize fabrics at the same time. They also do wonders to help clothing last longer. Simply put, they deliver professional results while preserving the look and feel of your favourite pieces. They are ideal for delicate clothing as they produce enough steam to remove creases without contact. The Dupray SteamIron™ even allows for vertical ironing, so you can smooth out a shirt while on a hanger or moisturize drapes and bed sheets without having to take them down. It’s also great on silks and other delicate fabrics for people who sew or quilt. All in all, the SteamIron™ is the better wrinkle remover for a wide variety of fabrics.

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