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Steam clean to reduce allergens in the home.
2024-02-14 Dupray
Steam clean to reduce allergens in the home.

Steam clean to reduce allergens in the home.

Many people think using harsh cleaning products is the best way to get rid of allergens and dirt in the home. But, these cleaning products often contain chemicals that cause similar unpleasant reactions in anyone with allergy sensitivities (watery eyes, coughing, runny nose, and skin irritations, etc.).
Allergy sufferers generally have very sensitive respiratory systems and harsh cleaners are known to cause or aggravate existing issues they often face.

So, how can you clean your home and eliminate allergens without using products filled with harmful chemicals?



Cleaning with water.

Steam cleaning is a safe and effective way to sanitize and disinfect your home without using any cleaning products at all – just tap water! You can use a steam cleaner to deep clean every room in your home. The water inside the boiler is superheated to 192°C / 376°F, creating a dry steam that contains only 5% water and is a powerful (and natural!) disinfectant for any surface: floor, carpets, mattresses, curtains, windows, mirrors, kitchen appliances…everywhere! 

No product residue.

Another benefit of steam cleaning is that there’s no chance of product residue being left behind. When using a steam cleaner, you don’t have to worry about breathing in harmful fumes and airborne particles each time you finish cleaning. Exposure to chemicals like bleach and other caustic agents is now under serious scrutiny for possible links with major health issues, including cancer, and is a huge concern for anyone suffering from allergies. Steam cleaning is a far healthier solution for you and your family. 


Bye, bye dust mites! 

Using a steam cleaner is also the best way to get rid of dust mites. These tiny organisms can be found in nearly any textile or fibrous material – they feed, reproduce and die inside your pillows, mattresses, furniture, carpets and more. Dust mites feed on dead skin and moisture, and their feces create major irritants for allergy sufferers. Because the feces are so small and light, they can become airborne when a person moves in bed or walks on a carpet. Inhaling dust mite feces triggers allergic reactions: sneezing, watery eyes, difficulty breathing, runny nose and coughing. Steam kills dust mites on contact, leaving no residue or water behind. Steam cleaning your mattress, furniture and carpets regularly is a great way to keep dust mites at bay. 


If you’re looking for a safe, healthy way to clean your home and reduce allergens, steam cleaning is the answer. Discover our wide range of quality steam cleaners that offer a simple solution for a pristine (allergen-free) home.

Happy Cleaning!

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