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Bathroom Cleaning - Dupray HOME™ Steam Cleaner
2024-02-21 Dupray

Bathroom Cleaning - Dupray HOME™ Steam Cleaner

Finally, a way to clean and sanitize bathrooms without having to use harsh, toxic chemicals! The new European-made Dupray HOME™ steam cleaner can be used to hundreds of applications around the house, but where they truly excel is the bathroom: clean grout lines on the floor tiles, sanitize toilets, remove mineralization around sinks, disinfect walls and any surface in restrooms using nothing but regular tap water inside the steam cleaner. The professional quality HOME™ steam cleaner from Dupray allow you to clean bathrooms, toilets, sinks, showers and more the most natural way possible. A complete set of quality accessories is included with your steam cleaner to let you clean anything at home or anywhere else. Disinfect and remove dirt, soap scum residues, mold and kill bacteria, germs and viruses in one pass, using only superheated dry steam produced by the steam cleaner. Steam clean mirrors by just spraying steam on the glass surface and wipe down with a clean microfiber cloth to get streak-free mirrors. To learn more about steam cleaning or about the best steam cleaners for bathroom cleaning, visit our website

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HOME™ Steam Cleaner

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