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Car Detailing - Dupray HOME™ Steam Cleaner

The European-made HOME™ steam cleaner from Dupray is a fantastic car interior detailing tool. It cleans, deodorize, remove stains and detail every inch of the cabin, all without having to use harsh chemicals. The HOME™ steam cleaner works turns regular tap water into superheated low-moisture steam that can clean and degrease all car surfaces: leather seats, cupholders, carpet, fabric seats, headliners, door jams, console, stains and more! Use this steam cleaner to detail hard surfaces and remove dust from vents. With a dry steam cleaner all you need is a quick wipe with a clean microfiber cloth. Detail cars, RVs, boats, trucks, buses and more with the HOME™ steam cleaner by Dupray. To learn more about car detailing steam cleaning or about the best steam cleaners for automotive cleaning, please visit DUPRAY website.


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