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Dupray ONE™ Steam Cleaner Demo
2024-02-14 Dupray

Dupray ONE™ Steam Cleaner Demo

The Dupray ONE™ steam cleaner offers a multipurpose cleaning and sanitization solution for your home or office. You can find this steam cleaner at ONE™ . This steam cleaner is great for deep cleaning, degreasing, deodorizing, and sanitizing all surfaces thanks to superheated low-moisture steam. The Dupray ONE™ is a powerful steamer at an affordable price! Visit DUPRAY to learn more about our products and steam cleaning. The ONE™ steam cleaner is highly effective for detail cleaning of many surfaces, from floors to furniture and car interiors. Offering superior quality and performance at an affordable price, this steam cleaner outmatch more expensive steam cleaners out there in the market. It's a compact, tidy and portable home-grade steam cleaner that will offer excellent cleaning results for years to come. The ONE™ steam cleaner works by turning regular tap water into superheated dry steam in its stainless steel boiler. Steam is then released on demand to help get rid of dirt, stains, bacteria, viruses, mold and other nasties from any surface or material. The beauty of steam cleaning is that you can reach an unparalleled level of cleanliness without having to use any harsh cleaning chemicals. Discover what makes the Dupray ONE™ a great steam cleaner.• It is manufactured in Europe like all the other quality steam cleaners from Dupray’s product line. It is backed by a solid 3-year limited warranty and a lifetime warranty on the boiler.
• It has cleaning power with a long life span. You can sanitize and clean your premises without a break for up to 50 minutes before you need a refill. The eight-foot long and detachable hose allows you to clean ceilings, walls and all those hard-to-reach spots.
• The high temperature steam produced can help eliminate bacteria, allergens, mold and viruses that are lurking in your surroundings. Even bed bugs and dust mites are easily killed by the power of saturated steam. It is very easy to monitor the pressure of steam as a result of an integrated gauge which is provided at the top of the steam cleaner.
• Only regular tap water is required as there is no need to use distilled water.
• Easily adjust the steam pressure to take care of any steam cleaning application.
• Very minimal maintenance is required: a simple 2 minute boiler drain every 30 hours of use.Hundreds of Steam Cleaning Applications for the Dupray ONE™ Steam CleanerFloors – Clean all kind of flooring surfaces: tiles, stone, carpeting, hardwood, marble, vinyl, linoleum and more!Kitchens –Steam can take care of baked-on grease on kitchen equipmentBathrooms – Use the steam cleaner to disinfect toilets, remove mineralization around the wash basins and sinks and to clean the shower doors. Steam can also remove the residue left from soap and deep clean grout lines on the bathroom floors.Bedrooms – Steam cleaning will allow you to revitalize your mattresses, reducing dustmites, allergens and eliminate bedbug infestation. Try steam on pillows, furniture, bedding, chairs and rugs! Windows – Mirrors, glasses and windows can be cleaned easily and you will not find any streaks when you use the vapor steam. Crevices like sliding door tracks and window sills can be cleaned with ease. Carpets and rugs –You can now refresh all the delicate carpets and revive their colors effortlessly. Car detailing –Various applications could include detailing interiors of vehicles such as fabric or leather seats, cup holders, dashboard, door jams, central consoles, windows and vents. Precious Jewels – You can steam clean your precious jewels like your wedding ring. The Dupray ONE™ Steam Cleaner is a powerful steamer at an affordable price! This is the ultimate steam cleaner for all your household steam cleaning needs. With this tool, you can clean almost anything. Its affordability as well as versatility makes it the most efficient steam cleaner available. Go ahead and get ONE for yourself!For more information or to buy the ONE™ steam cleaner, please visit Dupray website.

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