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How to Clean Surface Rust From Concrete with a Steam Cleaner
2024-02-21 Dupray

How to Clean Surface Rust From Concrete with a Steam Cleaner

Watch this video to discover a new cleaning solution for your polished concrete flooring. Steam cleaning is perfect for removing dirt and grease, or to restore the shine to polished concrete floors more effectively than using a dust mop or even a damp mop. The superheated water creates a dry steam that is safe on polished concrete and will remove dirt without damaging the floor finish.

Polished concrete floors

Simply attach a microfiber cloth to all four corners of the floor tool to clean concrete floors, or attach a microfiber cloth to the top two corners only for porous cement. The cloth will wipe up any excess water as you clean spills and stains from the entire floor. There is no need to use dish soap or any other cleaning products when cleaning concrete surfaces with a steam cleaner. You just need plain water, making this a notably eco friendly method of cleaning that is generally recommended for anyone with sensitivities to product residue. As you move the floor tool across the surface of the floor, the steam will flow down deep into every nook and crevice to deliver a deeper clean and a brighter shine, while the cloth will pick up dirt and help to remove stubborn stains as you go. Steam cleaning is great for high foot traffic areas, garage floors and other areas that may have gathered residual dust. It is a simple cleaning solution that is great for indoor use in residential and commercial spaces.

Dupray steam cleaners

Dupray steam cleaners are extremely durable and offer a low maintenance good cleaning solution for concrete floors. With so many intuitive features, Dupray products are generally easier to use than other machines. Rather than opting for a commercial cleaner or a pressure washer, many people trust the reliability and exceptional performance of Dupray steam cleaners to get the job done.


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