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Kitchen Cleaning - Dupray HOME™ Steam Cleaner
2024-02-14 Dupray

Kitchen Cleaning - Dupray HOME™ Steam Cleaner

Here’s your new favorite kitchen cleaning tool: the European-made HOME™ steam cleaner from Dupray. Clean, sanitize and degrease all surfaces in your kitchen without having to use harsh, toxic cleaning chemicals. Low-moisture superheated steam will clean stainless steel appliances effortlessly and won’t leave any streaks behind! Just apply steam and wipe with a clean dry microfiber cloth. Steam is also very effective at cleaning ovens and other greasy surfaces. You can also use the HOME™ steam cleaner to sanitize countertops, clean around the sink, detail the refrigerator, clean your kitchen grout lines or just to refresh any other surface. Dupray steam cleaners turn regular tap water into a powerful all-natural detailing agent that can be used anywhere at home. Discover hundreds of steam cleaning applications and ways to steam clean your kitchen using the portable HOME™ steam cleaner from Dupray. To learn more about steam cleaning or about the best steam cleaners for kitchen cleaning, visit our website at Dupray

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HOME™ Steam Cleaner

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