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Removing Wax On a Carpet Using a Dupray Steam Cleaner
2024-02-14 Dupray

Removing Wax On a Carpet Using a Dupray Steam Cleaner

See how the Dupray ONE steam cleaner is removing a large wax stain on a carpet. The red wax candle was dropped from the coffee table. The ONE™ steam cleaner was able to remove the stain entirely, without damaging the rug fibbers and leaving no trace behind. Steam cleaners are truly powerful household devises designed to help with many difficult cleaning applications like grout cleaning, terrace door tracks, heavy stains on carpet, mattress disinfection, furniture cleaning and car detailing. Easily get rid of bedbugs without having to use harsh chemicals with steam. Kill bed bugs naturally and efficiently with a quality steam cleaner from Dupray. Removing wax stains on any surface is easy using a Dupray steam cleaner. Low moisture, superheated saturated steam dissolves wax without having to use any chemicals and without leaving residue behind. Discover the many applications for Dupray steam cleaners by visiting Dupray

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