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Steam cleaners for restaurants
2024-02-14 Dupray
Steam cleaners for restaurants

Steam cleaners for kitchens and restaurants.

The most useful cleaning tool for food producers.

Hygiene and sanitation are crucial in the food processing industry. When it comes to meeting the high sanitization standards, no corners can be cut. Dupray steam cleaners help avoid food contamination during processing and packaging and provide unmatched solutions to commercial kitchen's most comon maintenance problems. Steam cleaners will cut through grease, oil, sugar deposits and will eliminate bacteria, mold, germs and viruses, all without the use of chemical products.

From small bakeries to large food-processing plants, Dupray commercial steam cleaners can adapt to a variety of tasks:

  • Grease removal for cooking surfaces, ovens and grills.
  • Equipment sanitization including slicers, scales and racks.
  • Disinfection of any surfaces in contact with food.
  • Stain removal on conveyor belts.
  • Residue removal on stoves, hoods, burners and vents.
  • Grout and tile cleaning in kitchen areas.
  • General sanitization of food preparation areas.
  • Detail cleaning and degreasing.

A deeper clean without disturbing guests.

 Cleaning degrease - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Disinfect and sanitize safely with steam.

Cleanliness is key in protecting consumers from bacteria, germs, and pathogens. Dupray's industrial steam cleaners produce steam temperatures up to 413°F / 212°C, proven to safely kill any organisms, which will help prevent food contamination. Independent laboratory tests show that high temperature dry steam eliminates 99.9% of bacteria, mildew and pathogens.

 Cleaning counter - Dupray Steam Cleaner
 Cleaning degrease- Dupray Steam Cleaner

Best steam cleaners for restaurants and food production

NEAT™ Steam Cleaner

NEAT™ Steam Cleaner

Our most affordable portable steam cleaner, the NEAT™ is ideal for any car cleaning steam cleaning tasks at home or at work.
Special £159.99

HOME™ Steam Cleaner

HOME™ Steam Cleaner

Our most affordable portable steam cleaner, the HOME™ is ideal for any car cleaning steam cleaning tasks at home or at work.

ONE PLUS™ Steam Cleaner

ONE PLUS™ Steam Cleaner

The ONE Plus™ steam cleaner can be refilled during operation for non-stop cleaning power. Compact, lightweight and easy to use, the ONE Plus™ is the ideal steam cleaner to cut through dirt and grime in no time.
Special £324.99

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