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Steam cleaners for hotels
2024-02-14 Dupray
Steam cleaners for hotels

Steam cleaners for hotels.

How using commercial steam cleaners can save time, money and hassles.

Sanitation and hygiene is extremely important to guests. Dupray steam cleaners are the safest, most efficient tools to keep hotels, rentals, health resorts and all types of tourist accommodations spotless.

Commercial steam cleaners are easy to use and produce fast results, making them ideal for the hospitality industry where room turnaround times are quick.

From large hotels to small B&Bs, steam cleaners can be your most effective and versatile staff addition. Dupray commercial-grade steam cleaners are ideal detailing tools for eliminating stains, dirt, bedbugs, bacteria, viruses, molds, pathogens and odors, chemical-free.

Use commercial steam cleaners for:

  • Cleaning grout, porous tiles, bath joints, and bathroom fixtures.
  • Exterminating bedbugs or remove bedbugs from rooms and upholstery.
  • Deep cleaning bathrooms and commercial kitchens.
  • Eliminating odors, including smoke.
  • Sanitizing mattresses and reducing allergens.
  • Spot removal, stain removal on carpets.
  • Removing mold in showers.
  • Cleaning and sanitizing spas, hot tubs, and changing rooms, and restoring exposed wood in saunas.
  • Cleaning furniture and upholstery.
  • Taking care of messes of any kind.

Steam cleaners clean deeper without disturbing guests.

 Cleaning restroom - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Quick, ecological and efficient.

Dupray steam cleaners uses very little water, and can clean without using chemicals, providing the most effective and efficient solution to maintain your facilities. An essential tool for hotel bedbug extermination as well, Dupray steam cleaners are portable and easy to move, even in small corridors or restricted areas, like around the bed and furniture.
Ideal for housekeeping staff and deep cleaning custodians alike, your whole staff will benefit from the use of steam. Steam cleaners can also help remove heavy stains, clean grout lines, showers, deep clean bathrooms and eliminate odors from carpets.

 Cleaning kitchen - Dupray Steam Cleaner

Cleans better than traditional cleaning: saves time.

Dupray commercial steam cleaners offer superior quality and performance when compared to others on the market. They’re versatile enough to tackle commercial kitchen cleaning and smaller jobs like hotel rooms and bathroom cleaning, yet subtle enough to be used around people without disturbing them. Steam is a quick and natural cleaner, using heat and pressure to deep clean a variety of surfaces. Plus, the dry steam contains about 5% water, allowing surfaces and fabrics to dry right before your eyes with no risk of mold or mildew.

Best steam cleaners for hotels

NEAT™ Steam Cleaner

NEAT™ Steam Cleaner

Our most affordable steam cleaner, the NEAT™ is the ideal entry-level for everyday steaming.
Special £159.99

HOME™ Steam Cleaner

HOME™ Steam Cleaner

Entirely made in Europe, discover the quality of the Dupray HOME™ steam cleaner and its robust set of steam cleaning accessories.

ONE PLUS™ Steam Cleaner

ONE PLUS™ Steam Cleaner

The ONE Plus™ steam cleaner can be refilled during operation for non-stop cleaning power. Compact, lightweight and easy to use, the ONE Plus™ is the ideal steam cleaner to cut through dirt and grime in no time.
Special £324.99

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