No Greener Clean than Steam Cleaning!

Dupray provides easy, simple, and effective solutions for green cleaning through its technologically advanced green steam cleaners. Dupray steam cleaners are designed to provide a deep, effective, cleaning using only tap water, without the added use of any harsh chemicals. This will save businesses, institutions, and residential cleaning providers money on cleaning chemicals, and presents an environmentally friendly alternative to the use of those environmentally destructive chemicals. Additionally, steam cleaning actually provides cleaner results, as there are no chemical residues left behind by the process. This means the process is safer for use in areas around individuals with allergies, children, pets and elderlies. Dupray steam cleaners disinfect without chemicals thanks to their abilities to emit high pressures and heat. Since steam is a gas, it instantly penetrates into the pores of surfaces and hard-to-reach areas, like cracks and seams, which traditional cleaning tools like buckets and mops cannot always reach into. When using a vapor steam cleaner, the heat produced by the steam emulsifies grease and dirt and a towel attached to the cleaning tool will collect any remaining dirt or grease residue. Bed bugs, dust mites and their eggs are very sensitive to extreme heat, dying at temperatures starting at 130°F. All that is needed to provide this superheated steam is normal water straight from the tap. Best of all, Dupray steam cleaners do not require very much water, needing as little as 1 L of water per hour, as in the case of the ONE Plus steam cleaner. This means spending less money on water, and lower water usage also is more environmentally friendly.

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