Dupray steam cleaner buyer’s guide.

The Ecological Cleaning Solution

Steam cleaners are incredible tools. Far superior to conventional cleaning methods, they use a combination of heat and dry steam to effectively and efficiently eliminate dirt, grease, residue, mold bacteria, viruses and germs without relying on harsh chemicals. The superheated steam sanitizes and disinfects at the same time, producing professional results in less time.

Steam has proved itself to be a powerful cleaning agent in European markets for years. Using nothing more than saturated dry steam which contains less then 5% water, at a high pressures, these premium, powerful cleaning machines can clean and disinfect nearly every surface you can think of. These are without a doubt the most versatile cleaning solutions on the market.

Producing steam temperatures of up to 160ºC / 320ºF, bacteria and germ laden surfaces can be cleaned and disinfected with a simple pass. They are also extremely effective when it comes to bedbug extermination. Dupray steam cleaners use boiling water, superheated to reach pressures up to 65psi / 4.5 bar. Highest temperatures in the industry, they make for some of the best cleaning products one could ever own. Not to mention, they are completely natural. Eco-friendly and efficiency goes hand in hand at Dupray. We believe that cleaning your home at the expense of the environment is too great a cost. Although, with no need for harsh chemicals, we are able to provide an environmentally safe alternative that are also safe enough to be trusted around pets and people alike.

Eco-friendly Steam Cleaners

The Boiler

The most crucial component of a steam cleaner is the boiler. Dupray boilers are built to withstand daily use at pressures far superior to their operation effectiveness levels. Rest assured, when you’re steam cleaning with Dupray, you’re benefiting from the safest and most dependable boilers on the market. Built using only the highest quality stainless steel available for boilers and skillfully TIG welded, which is the same technique used on airplanes, they possess superior strength and dependability. We are so confident in Dupray steam boilers that we back them with a full lifetime warranty.
Hands down, the most incredible feature of Dupray steam cleaners is the impressively high temperature produced by our superior boilers. The super powerful boiler incorporates the most efficient elements on the market producing temperatures up to 160ºC / 320ºF with powerful blasting pressures of up to 4.5 bars / 65 psi. The incredible pressures and temperatures of these units are ultimately safe on all surfaces as there is less than 5% water contained in the steam, the perfect combination of power and precision and exceptionally efficient.

The Replaceable Heating Elements

A heating element is a resistor and after years they naturally start to wear out and lose electrical efficiency. Where some steam cleaners necessitate an entire boiler replacement, ensures a quick servicing of the machine is all that it is needed to keep it running strong. This is increasingly important on machines that feature multiple elements where only a single element may need to be replaced.

The heating elements are also the most efficient and powerful on the market, producing 28W / cm2. This allows for smaller boilers, meaning less water will be needed to generate steam and therefore more efficiency is inevitable. Advanced technology permits the heating elements to be self-cleaning thus eliminating the risk of deposit buildup and keeping your elements in top operating condition.

Replacing an element is much easier than an entire boiler.
The backbone of steam cleaning units.

The Continuous Steam Technology (CST™)

There are two types of Steam Cleaners. Single tank machines, which need to be refilled when empty and double tank machines, which use continuous refill technology. Smaller units such as the Home™ and the ONE™ for home and light commercial use features a single tank, perfect for those who only need to use their machine for a short period at a time. Other Dupray steam cleaners can be equipped with Continuous Steam Technology™. This means the user can refill the steam cleaner at any time during operation, the boiler will always have the perfect level of water for optimal steam production. All you have to do is refill the water tank while the unit is still in use to continue with your steam treatments.

Adjustable Steam Pressure

Dupray steam cleaners come equipped with variable steam pressure. This allows you to select the appropriate steam pressure according to the application. They literally adapt to your needs to ensure the best results without causing damage on the surface. Whether the unit has convenient fingertip pressure controls or a control knob located at the front, this is just another of our many user-friendly features.

The High Steam Temperature

Steam temperature produced in the boiler is of course one of the most crucial features to be aware of when purchasing a professional steam cleaner. A simple rule of thumb is, the higher the temperature, the more cleaning power the unit possesses. This is extremely important for applications such as removing allergens, bedbugs and bacteria as they’re extremely sensitive to heat. The higher the temperature of the unit the more effective the treatment will be.

Turn up the heat on dirt and grime with super powered steam.

The High Steam Pressure

Steam pressure is a good indication of quality. Units with pressures less than 2 bars/29 psi are almost useless as they will certainly not have enough pressure to properly clean, sanitize or produce high enough steam temperature for disinfection. Dupray steam cleaners pressures start at 3.5 bars/50.8 psi, more than enough to deep clean and disinfect any surface.

Handles high pressure steam cleaning situations like a pro.

The Overall Quality

The materials and built quality of the steam cleaner and accessories is extremely important. Dupray steam cleaners are built of materials you can trust, 100% assembled in Europe using only the most premium components. Of course the boilers in every single Dupray steam cleaner are built with high-grade stainless steel and attention to details.

Quality professional steam cleaners do not come with flimsy light plastic accessories. Those are reserved for the bottom feeders. Accessories should be molded out of premium hard plastic to be thick and durable. Fittings designed to withstand years of use at extremely high temperatures are also a good thing to consider when examining tools and accessories. Never buy a steam cleaner if you're not convinced by the quality of the accessories in your hand.

Always ensure it’s made to last.

The Warranty

At the end of the day, even the best quality professional steam cleaners may need maintenance from time to time. Make sure that the steam cleaner you're looking to buy is backed by a solid warranty and service.  Dupray offers a 3-year limited warranty on its steam cleaners and a lifetime on boilers, the heart of every machine. Feel free to compare, we're certain that we offer the best warranty in the industry.