Seven reasons to steam clean.

1Dupray reason to steam clean 1

A superior clean that’s also safe.

Steam is an all-natural super cleaner, making it completely safe for use around pets and people alike. Without the need for harsh chemicals to disinfect and decontaminate, steam is a safe and sound solution for all kinds of commercial and residential cleaning. Additionally, Dupray dry vapor steam cleaners produce less than 5% moisture content so you won’t have to worry about mold or mildew contaminating the air in your home.

2Dupray reason to steam clean 2

High cleaning quality with low water quantity.

Using up a little of your water and even less of your time, steam effectively removes dirt, grease and stains from any surface. Hand made and assembled in Europe, Dupray steam cleaners are backed by a 3-year warranty on parts, 1 year on labour, and a lifetime on boilers and their stainless steel casing. They are quality made to produce quality cleaning results. The high temperatures produced by steam cleaners kill 99.9% of all germs, dust mites and bacteria, including microorganisms, viruses, molds, dangerous pathogens and even bedbugs.

3Dupray reason to steam clean 3

A wide variety of steam cleaners
for a wider range of tasks.

To get the best cleaning results, you need the best cleaning equipment. All professional-grade Dupray steam cleaners come with a complete set of accessories. This helps them adapt to a variety of commercial and residential cleaning tasks, from floors to furniture, tiles to table tops, and vehicles to vinyl stickers. Steam cleaners offer unparalleled cleaning power with unlimited possibilities.

4Dupray reason to steam clean 4

Steam consumes less
of your time and your water.

Let the deep-cleaning steam do all the hard work. After all, it’s just faster and more efficient than elbow grease. Dupray commercial grade steam cleaners can tackle a variety of cleaning tasks in less time, so you can get back to what’s really important. Plus steam leaves no streaks or residues behind and dries within seconds, so you don’t have to clean up after cleaning up.

5Dupray reason to steam clean 5

Tough on dirt yet easy on the earth.

What could be more environmentally safe than water? Dupray commercial-grade steam cleaners turn H2O into a powerful cleaning solution all on its own, alleviating the need for harmful chemicals. Without the need to purchase additional products, steam cleaning also helps reduce waste. Plus, steam leaves behind zero contaminants, protecting your family while protecting the environment.

6Dupray reason to steam clean 6

No side effects and no stress,
a healthy combination.

In addition to killing bacteria and germs, steam also neutralizes allergens, an important factor for those suffering from asthma or allergies. More importantly, it does all of this much faster then a mop or sponge. Steam effectively shrinks cleaning lists and the stress that comes along with them. Plus, no harsh chemicals means no harsh side effects for people and their pets.

7Dupray reason to steam clean 7

Steam keeps costs down,
environmentally and financially.

Consider the number of cleaning products that are necessary to clean the different areas of your home or business. There are soaps for your bathroom, detergents for your kitchen, disinfectants for your furniture, polishers for your floors, and so many others. Not only do all these products take up a lot of space, they are also costly. Cleaning with steam replaces those expensive and unnecessary supplies, while giving you professional results far greater then conventional cleaners.