Five reasons
to love steam ironing.

1Dupray reason to love steam ironing 1

As easy as 1, 2, 3.

Ironing doesn’t need to be a grueling task. All you need are professional tools to get those quality results you want. Steam iron stations are powerful and efficient, making them the best wrinkle removers on the market. Given that they have a removable water tank that you can fill separately, the iron itself becomes lighter and easier to use than most regular models. The larger water supply also delivers more steam for longer periods of time, giving you quick and hassle-free ironing results at home.

2Dupray reason to love steam ironing 2

Best possible results.

Regular irons don’t always give you the results you are looking for. They often take more time to get wrinkles out as they only generate small amounts of steam, forcing you to iron the same spots over and over. However, the fact is that the less contact your clothes have with heat, the longer they last. Since iron stations produce twice the steam output, therefore moisturizing and softening the fiber in unparalleled time, they do a much better job at removing wrinkles in one smooth movement. For those reasons, switching to an iron station gives you immediate pressed quality, leaving your clothes looking crisp and new in half the time.

3Dupray reason to love steam ironing 3

A reduced carbon footprint.

Because steam ironing requires the use of only one ingredient, water, it is by far the most ecological way of cleaning. In addition, unlike using a dryer to get wrinkles out, ironing saves in energy consumption. Tumble drying uses lots of power, sending greater emissions into the atmosphere and polluting the planet. Ironing, on the other hand, uses a fraction of the energy, not to mention that it does a better job at leaving your clothes smooth and clean.

4Dupray reason to love steam ironing 4

Discover vertical ironing

Iron stations have a particularly unique feature that proves to be very useful time and time again: vertical ironing. Whenever you need it, you may use your iron vertically on large items that must be hung or those hard-to-reach areas, such as curtains and upholstery. Vertical ironing is also an ideal solution for delicate clothes that can’t be pressed. Simply hang the item and the steam jet will straighten any wrinkle without even being touched. Vertical steam delivers exceptional performance for your ironing needs around the home.

5Dupray reason to love steam ironing 5

Make ironing fun.

There are ways to make ironing fun! In fact, many swear by its meditative properties. The smell of clean cotton under steam and the soft sounds it produces make it a peaceful task that many enjoy. It is peaceful and relaxing work that gives you positive results at the end. So try watching television or having music accompanies your ironing, both great ways to make the time go by faster while being more productive.