SteamIron Plus™ technical specifications

Steam temperature
320°F / 160°C

Affects the effectiveness and speed to iron any fabric.

Steam pressure
51 psi / 3.5 bar

The optimal steam pressure for ironing has been determined to be 3.5 bar. Nothing more, nothing less.

Steam Output up to
135 g / min.

The amount of steam released by the steam generator iron.

Anti-scale stainless steel boiler
40 oz. / 1.2 L

Offers up to 90 minutes of ironing time per fill up.

Steam pressure control

Adjust the steam pressure
according to the fabric.

Humidity control

Adjust the level of humidity in the steam.

SteamReady™ indicator

Indicates that the steam generator
is ready to use.

Low water indicator

Indicates that the boiler is running out of water and turns it automatically OFF.

Thermostatic control

Adjust the temperature of the soleplate according to the fabric you are ironing.

Vertical ironing

Useful to remove wrinkles and refresh curtains, suits and more.


Made in Europe

Made in Europe

  • Power 2100 W

  • Voltage 230 V / 50-60 Hz

  • Amperage 9 A

  • Hose length 5'3" / 1.6 m

  • Body material Plastic

  • Boiler material Stainless steel

  • Electrical cord 7'7" / 2.3 m

  • Heating time 5 minutes

  • Weight 11 lbs. / 5 kg

  • Dimensions 9" x 12" x 13" / 23 x 30.5 x 33 cm

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