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VOILÀ™ Clothes Steamer

  • Unwrinkle, refresh, sanitize; 3-in-1 clothes steamer.
  • Handheld, portable & safe on all fabrics.
  • Perfect for travel; easy storage, ready in 30 seconds.
Designed in Canada
Designed in Canada
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Removes wrinkles in seconds.

Removes wrinkles in seconds.

Refresh, sanitize clothes and garments.

Meet Voilà, the powerful and elegant clothes steamer.

Instantly refresh your garments and eliminate wrinkles at home or on the go. Ready to perform in a few seconds, your ideal travel companion produces a dry superheated crease-busting steam that can safely tackle any type of fabric. Its patent-pending cool touch and leak-proof design makes it possible to iron clothes either flat or hanging vertically. With its heated stainless steel Smartplate™ for easy touch ups, this remarkable clothes steamer will have you looking sharp faster than you can say Voilà!
Because first impressions matter, the Voilà™ Clothes Steamer delivers results when you need them fast. Discover the fastest, easiest way to remove creases from clothes, curtains, bedding and furniture. Just pure, ultra-steady wrinkle-eliminating steam!

Light. Compact. Ideal for travel.

Combining a <strong class="text-body">compact size and light weight</strong> at 2 lb, the Voilà is the perfect travel companion.
Combining a compact size and light weight at 2 lb, the Voilà is the perfect travel companion.
The best clothes steamer. Just add water.
The best clothes steamer.
Just add water.
Stainless steel heated soleplate.

Steady volume of powerful dry steam.

Removes odors and kills 99.9% of bacteria from all clothes.
SteamReady™ indicator

Ready in 30 seconds.

Get results when you need them fast.
6.75 oz. (200 ml)

Removable water tank.

Easy to fill and refill while in use.

Locking Steam Trigger.

Lock the steam release for a better and effortless experience.
Patent pending

StayCool™ casing.

This patent pending innovation utilize the water flow before it enter the heating process as a cooling system. Ensuring a best and safest user experience at all time.

Soft cushion attachment for delicate fabrics.

Safe on all fabrics and steam sensitive garments like silk and drapery.




12.5 A

Water Tank volume
6.75 oz. / 200 ml

Body material

Soleplate material
Stainless steel

Electrical cord
8.5' / 2.6 m

2 lbs / 0.9 kg

4" x 10" x 5"


Voilà™ Clothes Steamer demonstration video.

Voilà™ Clothes Steamer demonstration video.

De-wrinkle and sanitize not only your clothes, but curtains and drapery, tablecloths, bedding, upholstery, toys, and much more.

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