• With steam pressure and humidity controls.
  • Superior steam production.
  • 2100 W.
  • 135 g / min.
Made in Europe

Made in Europe

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Iron faster. Iron better.

Up to 4 times more steam than regular irons means better results and faster ironing.

A steam generator iron that delivers professional results at home.

The SteamIron Plus™ is an advanced steam generator iron that lets you obtain crisp, wrinkle-free clothes in less time. It combines intense steam production -to perfectly soften the fabrics- with an anti-drip aluminum soleplate that presses the materials.

Anti-scale stainless steel boiler 40 oz. / 1.2 L

Steam pressure 51 psi
3.5 bar

Steam output up to 135 g / min.

Intuitive control panel with dry or steam ironing.

Select the right pressure and humidity setting for your fabric.

Natural cork handle.

Anti-drip, pro-grade aluminum soleplate.

Adjust the soleplate temperature according to the fabric you are ironing.

Sleek design and total efficiency.

Made in Europe using only the highest quality components, the SteamIron Plus™ is lightweight easy-to-use. Equipped with a large anti-scale stainless steel boiler that uses regular tap water, this high-quality steam generator iron will keep you going for more than 90 minutes per fill up. Simply glide the iron over your favorite textiles and discover why this is Dupray's most popular steam generator iron.

23 cm

30.5 cm

33 cm

SteamIron™ vs traditional irons.

With this much speed and efficiency, you'll never go back to your old iron.

The perfect finishing touch.

Complete your look by adding a clean, crisp finish to your garments. The SteamIron Plus™ steam generator iron smooths hard-to-iron creased materials like jeans and winter coats safely and even allows for vertical ironing of curtains and jackets. Simply select the appropriate steam pressure, humidity and soleplate temperature and obtain flawless finishes on all your garments. This is efficient ironing at its best.

Made in Europe

Optional soleplate for delicate fabrics.

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